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Audiophile Refinement, Breathtaking Home Theater Dynamics

SVS speakers balance audiophile refinement and accuracy with stunning, high-impact home theater dynamics to reveal the full depth, detail and emotion of music, movies, TV shows and all audio content. Our speaker design process involves sophisticated prototyping, extensive acoustic simulations, anechoic and real-world testing and the use of premium driver, crossover and cabinet materials. The result, loudspeakers that deliver jaw-droppingly immersive audio experiences and unmatched performance for the price.

With the Prime and Ultra Series Speakers, SVS is bringing world class sound quality to more people than ever before. With both 2-channel stereo and home theater surround sound systems, SVS speakers deliver a truly high-end audio experience with precise imaging, absolute transparency, wide dynamic range, pinpoint accuracy and powerful dynamics. SVS speakers reveal the full sonic impact of what an artist or sound engineer intended with perfect clarity for “like-being-there” audio experiences.

SVS makes a variety of the best home theater speakers to fit every room, audio system and budget. Our SVS Sound Experts are available 7 days-a-week to help you choose the best loudspeakers based on your personal set-up and listening preferences.

SVS President Gary Yacoubian talks about how an idea becomes a speaker, from theoretical design to final voicing and all the steps in between. There might also be a brownie baking analogy.

Ultra Bookshelf Pair
Reference bookshelf speakers with flawless tonal balance, stunning dynamics, unveiled highs and amazing low frequency extension. The Ultra Bookshelf speakers perform in the echelon of the world’s f...


  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Midrange | N/A
  • Dimension | 15" (H) 8.5" (W) 10.9" (D)
  • Freq Response | 45 Hz-32 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | 6.5"

$1,890.00 each speaker

Prime Tower
The Prime Tower is a reference-grade loudspeaker with pinpoint accuracy, exceptional tonal balance, effortless bass response and all the qualities of the best high-end floorstanding speakers availa...


  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Midrange | 4.5"
  • Dimension | 36.6" (H) 8" (W) 11.6" (D)
  • Freq Response | 30 Hz-25 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | Dual 6.5"

$945.00 each speaker

Ultra Elevation
World’s most versatile high fidelity home theater speaker. Convincing, immersive sound for Dolby Atmos and other surround channels. Easily mounts to a wall or ceiling.



  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Dimension | 11.14” (H) x 7.28” (W) x 8.79” (D)
  • Freq Response | 48Hz to 40kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | 5.25"

$1,400.00 each speaker

Ultra Evolution Center
Flagship reference 3-way SVS center speaker delivers pristine clarity and powerful dynamics with astonishingly large sweet spot for the finest home theaters


each speaker

  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Midrange | 4.5"
  • Dimension | 7.83” (H) 22.05” (W) 11.78” (D)
  • Freq Response | 40 Hz - 40 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | Dual 6.5"

$1,250.00 each speaker

Ultra Evolution Titan
Unprecedented design and technology from a 3-way tower speaker. Outperforms everything in its class with pristine clarity, stunning dynamics, and deep, authoritative bass.


each speaker

  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Dimension | 47.13" (H) 9.8" (W) 17.3" (D)
  • Freq Response | 27Hz to 40kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | Quad 6.5"

$3,100.00 each speaker

Ultra Evolution Pinnacle
Flagship SVS tower speaker is an innovation tour-de-force standing toe-to-toe with the finest speakers in the world delivering high-fidelity sound for both two-channel audiophiles and home theater ...


each speaker

  • Tweeter | 1"
  • Midrange | Dual 5.25"
  • Dimension | 49.61" (H) 11.81" (W) 18.14" (D)
  • Freq Response | 24 Hz-40 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Woofer  | Quad 8"

$4,000.00 each speaker